Investors Are “Stealing” Homes For $140.32

Just when you think you’ve learned every possible way to earn a return on your money someone comes along and shows you another way to earn interest on your hard earned cash that not many people know about.

His name is Ben Bergin and for the last few months his un-edited, straight from the hip real estate articles have created a buzz on the Internet and TV like no other real estate professional in recent history. At least not one that I can remember.

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I first learned about Ben Bergin’s Deeds 4 Dollars program when he guest wrote an article for a well known and respected investment firm out of the Midwest.

I figured if this firm asked Ben to post …. He’s at least worth me reading.

After a few paragraphs into the article and promises of guaranteed returns of 16% minimum – I became very skeptical.

I’ve been investing since my early 30’s and I know for fact that there are no such things as “guaranteed returns.” Especially at the rate of 16% and higher.

However, earning a 1.2% return in my money market account isn’t really helping me buy our vacation home out West – so I kept reading.

And what Ben revealed half way through the article nearly made my heart explode!

According to Bergin, these massive returns of 16%, 18%, and 36% are secured, and guaranteed by the United States Government and only costs as little $50 bucks to get started.

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According to Bergin, “nearly $10 billion in property taxes go delinquent each and every year.” For state, county and local governments, the lack of these funds weighs heavily on their already shrinking budgets. In 29 states, plus the District of Columbia, they turn to investors for help.

In these States, investors buy certificates, and own a claim against the property until the homeowner pays the county or municipality back or until they default on the debt completely. In return, the county gets the money it needs to fund schools, pave roads, pay city employees, etc.

Homeowners, who pay back what they owe, pay the county directly, which then repays the investor the principal, plus guaranteed interest that ranges from 16% to 36%.

All the good deals must be taken? Right?

In Bergin’s words, there’s big money to be made and no shortage of properties as 10’s of thousands of homeowners go delinquent every year.

“There’s more than enough deals for savvy investors out there … take a look at States and Cities that are hurting for money, they’re everywhere. You just need to do your homework before you pick up your first deal or else you’ll come out with a crack house.” Bergin says.

These guaranteed returns are nothing compared to the money that can be made if you end up with the deed to the defaulted property. Entire homes are being purchased for as little as $140 dollars — free and clear from any mortgages or payments.

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